Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chasing Bacon

"I would like my pictures to look as if a human being had passed between them ... as a snail leaves its slime.” (Francis Bacon)

This series of photographs, begun in 2013, is an exploration of the themes, moods, and artificial spaces suggested by 20th century artist Francis Bacon. The Anglo-Irish artist famously used movie stills, tabloid images, and popular photojournalism as inspiration for his sometimes disturbing and controversial works.

The accompanying images are for an upcoming exhibit at Glazer’s Camera in Seattle. They comprise only a portion of the continuing series and have images from locations as diverse as residential West Seattle and the cemeteries and catacombs of Paris.

All proceeds from sales of the collection will be donated to the Photo Center NW:

Chasing Bacon - 2013                                       (Click to enlarge)

 Chasing Bacon - Ernie 2014                (Click to enlarge)

Chasing Bacon - Ernie 2014                         (Click to enlarge)

Cimetiere Montmartre - 2014

Musée Rodin  - Paris  2014               (Click to enlarge)

St Denis - Paris  2014               (Click to enlarge)

Catacombs - Paris  2014         (Click to enlarge)

Catacombs - Paris  2014                                     (Click to enlarge)

Catacombs - Paris  2014                                   (Click to enlarge)

Links to some additional sites:

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The official Jeanloup Sieff website:

The Galerie-Montmartre in Paris

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