Monday, April 13, 2015

Galerie Montmartre

Every tourist in Paris, and, I am sure, most Parisians, end up in Place du Tertre near Sacre Coeur at some point. The square is packed with galleries, street artists, and sometimes maybe just a little too much humanity. But you can occasionally find some relief from the jostling tourists by stepping into one of the adjacent galleries. I suggest the Galerie Montmartre. Peering into the window you will see a quiet space populated by great art—Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, and Marc Chagall. I did this last June.

A Miro, visible from the window, drew me in. Gallerie Montmartre is a peaceful environment, and you will be surrounded by beautiful things. The gallery specializes in Picasso and Dali, and there are both sculptures and prints for sale. As I was viewing that Joan Miro, I noticed a stack of framed pieces leaning against an adjacent wall. I could have tripped over them. I began flipping through the pile to see if there was a Chagall lithograph hiding in there. There may have been, but I got side-tracked by what I found in the pile. There was a very beautifully framed Francis Bacon triptych, in gorgeous condition, numbered and signed. The triptych was priced way out of my range, but that didn’t stop me from drooling over it. I had been working on my “Chasing Bacon” photo series for a couple of years before I wandered into the gallery, and this discovery was an unexpected treasure.

Gallery Art Advisor Noemie Snieg, saw my interest and invited me back at a quieter time to discuss Bacon’s work. When I returned, I found that the triptych had been hung. Our visit was too short, but the conversation was exceptional. While I was there, I saw that other visitors were also being treated as special guests by the staff at Gallerie Montmartre.

If you stop in, don’t be shy about starting a discussion with Noemie or any of the other staff. They are friendly and helpful. If you are a tourist, this will be a highlight of your trip you will not forget. There is no pressure to buy. The gallery is run by professionals that love the artists they represent.

As a side-note: I checked their quote for the Bacon online after I left. It was very fairly priced. And it was exquisitely presented. (As you can see in the photo)

Noemie Snieg with the Bacon Triptych at Gallerie Montmartre.

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